Staying Connected: 20 Virtual Office Party Themes to Elevate Team Unity

11 min readSep 25, 2023

Organizing a workplace party is an art. If done correctly, workplace elements such as employee happiness and retention will all advance. Some businesses have a trademark work party event that employees eagerly anticipate year-round.

With the rise of remote work, it’s becoming more common to celebrate in a virtual office environment. Virtual celebrations are an excellent way to stay in touch with your team and acknowledge accomplishments even when you can’t be together in person. If you’re looking for virtual office party ideas or virtual office game ideas, here are some to explore!

20 Fantastic Virtual Office Party and Games Ideas

1. Virtual Trivia Night Extravaganza

For virtual office game ideas, a fun virtual team night can be organized with customized quizzes about the background of your business, your industry, and the team members. Get started with the game by creating various teams and holding a friendly competition. This engaging game will foster teamwork and stir up everyone’s competitive side.

In addition to having a good time, participants will learn more about their coworkers’ skills and expertise. This relaxed evening is a great chance for team members to highlight their unique talents and build camaraderie while they look for solutions together.

2. Virtual Costume Party

Invite team members to dress up as their favorite characters, or in occupation-relevant costumes, or even something inspired by inside jokes for a costume party to celebrate innovation. Take screenshots of the best attire and award prizes to the winners to make the most out of the party and encourage active and enthusiastic participation.

This activity is undoubtedly a recipe for fun and will keep your employees involved. By communicating with each other, participants may share insights into the dress selection and help each other create them, promoting teamwork and a shared experience that transcends virtual boundaries. Additionally, it permits workers to exhibit their personalities and hobbies outside of the scope of their jobs, leading to greater coworker understanding and connections.

3. Virtual Cooking Class

This one’s a worthy inclusion even in virtual office Christmas party ideas! Bring your team along for a fun, interactive cooking lesson taught by a seasoned chef. Together, participants may discover how to make delectable holiday-themed meals while having fun. A joint kitchen experience such as this produces a lingering taste of unity. Coworkers connect uniquely during cooking sessions as they follow the chef’s instructions and cooperate to make a delicious dinner.

4. Virtual Talent Show

One of the most exciting virtual office party ideas is to host a virtual talent show to reveal the hidden talents of your team! Encourage team members to showcase their abilities and express their creativity, whether in stand-up comedy, dance, singing, or magic. Participants will enjoy themselves at this event and build self-confidence through a talent presentation. It will also provide a chance to recognize each other’s capabilities. Additionally, it fosters a welcoming and encouraging virtual office environment where all abilities are valued, regardless of the differences in their roles and titles.

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

It is a great virtual office holiday party idea. Create a thrilling online scavenger hunt in which teams must explore their houses in search of certain items. These items may include objects of a specific color, themed items such as a superhero-related object, something related to a specific holiday, or an item from a particular decade.

You can also give participants clues leading them to different parts of a digital puzzle. They assemble the puzzle to reveal a final message or image as they find each piece. To make the game more entertaining, include holiday-themed festive clues.

The competition to finish the hunt will promote cooperation and teamwork as scavenger hunts conducted online encourage team members to participate actively and be engaged. They grow closer as a team by working together to find objects and solve puzzles, while the competition component ups the thrill factor and keeps players engaged throughout the activity.

6. Virtual Office Olympics Ideas

Host digital relay events and online charades as part of the virtual Olympics. Award points to teams for their achievements and crown the ultimate virtual office Olympians. This fun activity will promote group cohesiveness and healthy competition. Team members improve their capacity to trust one another and communicate effectively through various game challenges. This will also help enhance their ability to work together efficiently on professional responsibilities.

7. Virtual Paint and Sip Party

Plan a virtual painting and drinking event where employees may unwind, enjoy their favorite beverages, and display their creative talents. Use a virtual venue platform like 6Connex, where the participants can follow a professional artist who guides them step-by-step to create a painting. Attendees can follow along from their homes using their preferred art supplies.

As they paint, participants can interact with each other, creating a relaxed and social atmosphere. The virtual event platform allows people to connect, unleash their creativity, and share a fun and artistic experience even though they are physically apart. The end product will be a gallery of distinctive art pieces and enduring memories.

8. Virtual Movie Night

A mainstay of the workplace party scenario, watching movies is a terrific way to unwind. However, there is nothing to suggest you can’t recreate it virtually as well! Stream a film for your staff to watch from the convenience of their own homes once every month.

You can further the theme by offering team members a coupon for a discounted meal or bag of popcorn and get the ball rolling. Request recommendations from group members about the movies they wish to see, then place the recommended flicks in a discussion board so that individuals can decide on what films they prefer.

Maintain an open conversation thread while everyone enjoys the film so that everyone can talk about their impressions. You can also have a lively conversation about the takeaways from the movie afterward. Talking about the movie’s ideas and lessons encourages open communication and sparks interesting discussions among coworkers.

9. Virtual Office Book Club

Create a virtual book club where staff members can discuss and share their opinions on recent reads or books about leadership and personal growth. Reading together will foster team cohesion as well as ongoing learning and development. Team members can have structured and intelligent conversations outside of their regular jobs in book clubs. Employees can nurture their personal and professional development by exchanging ideas from the books they read. This activity will help broaden their horizons and increase their expertise.

10. Virtual Karaoke Party

A virtual karaoke party is a great way to let your team members show off their singing abilities. Choose a platform with an extensive song library, and watch the team transform into singing sensations. Singing together creates a joyful atmosphere and creates a sense of harmony for the virtual party.

Virtual karaoke parties promote a sense of openness and fun among team members. As employees sing their favorite tunes, they break down barriers and build connections through shared laughter and applause.

11. Virtual Escape Room Challenge

Your virtual workplace party can be transformed into a thrilling escape room adventure. Divide the team into groups, and give them a series of puzzles and riddles to solve collectively. The time crunch associated with the game will improve teamwork and develop problem-solving abilities.

Virtual escape room challenges give teams an immersive and complex experience that helps them collaborate well under pressure. They develop the trust and communication skills necessary for successful professional collaboration as they work together to solve puzzles.

12. Virtual Office Awards Ceremony

Create a virtual awards ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of your team. Honor exceptional efforts and performances with enjoyable and unique prizes. Virtual award ceremonies serve as occasions to acknowledge and show gratitude for the commitment and labor of team members.

Identifying team members’ unique accomplishments will make them feel valued and appreciated. By publicly praising their efforts, you promote a supportive and encouraging work environment that inspires individuals to do even better.

13. Virtual Comedy Show

Hire a professional comic to perform a hilarious virtual comedy show for your team. These shows are excellent stress busters and foster a sense of team happiness. The laughter fosters relationships and cultivates a supportive and fun work atmosphere.

14. Virtual Dance Party

A virtual dance party will bring the nightclub experience to the homes of your workforce. Play upbeat music, invite team members to put on their dancing shoes, and create an electric environment.

A DJ can transform a virtual workplace into a dance floor. As the music commences, have participants switch on their cameras and move back from their workstations. Members of the family or roommates can also participate in the celebration!

Choose your platform wisely and thoroughly. Not every online platform offers the same level of utility or sound reproduction. Some systems only support Webinars, indicating that you cannot toggle (or allow attendees to shift) to studio mode and observe everybody, which is inconvenient for an entertainment celebration.

15. Virtual Wine-Tasting

Virtual wine tasting offers a unique and immersive experience that can be seamlessly executed from participants’ homes. The process begins with selecting a diverse range of wines, which you or participants can purchase as a pre-arranged tasting kit or source individually based on provided recommendations.

A virtual event platform such as 6Connex may serve as the digital stage for the event. You will need to hire an expert sommelier or wine educator to lead the tasting session, offering insights into each wine’s origin, flavor profile, and suggested food pairings. This activity will allow participants to engage in guided tastings, taking notes on appearance, aroma, and taste.

It will also encourage interactive discussions allowing attendees to share their impressions and engage in a communal appreciation of the wines. The session can also include a Q&A segment to address participants’ queries.

Virtual wine tasting provides a dynamic and social way to explore and appreciate wines while being guided by a knowledgeable professional. It gives virtual office gatherings a touch of class and leisure. The online format not only imparts wine knowledge but also offers an opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect, share their passion, and create lasting memories through a shared virtual experience.

16. Virtual Office Bingo

Choose a virtual event platform specializing in virtual event solutions to set up a Virtual Office Bingo game. You can create bingo cards with work-related phrases, terms, or scenarios in each square. These could include things like “virtual meeting,” “coffee break,” or “background noise.” Then share these digital bingo cards with the participants.

Designate someone as the host who will call out the items just like in bingo. Participants will mark off the items on their bingo cards as they’re called out. You may also encourage interaction and engagement among participants through the chat feature, where they can share their progress, jokes, or reactions.

The goal is to complete a winning pattern, such as a straight line, diagonal, or blackout. When someone completes a pattern, they can indicate it to the host, who will verify and acknowledge their win. You can make it even more fun by offering virtual prizes or rewards to the winners.

Virtual Office Bingo adds a playful twist to remote work, fostering connection and enjoyment among participants while incorporating elements of teamwork and friendly competition.

17. Virtual Community Service Day

Use a virtual community service day to give back to the community. It is an effective Virtual Office Fundraising Idea. Participate in online fundraising initiatives, charity drives, or volunteer projects with your team. Explore platforms that offer virtual volunteer opportunities, such as online tutoring for disadvantaged students or providing virtual companionship to seniors.

You can also choose a cause that resonates with your team and launch a crowdfunding campaign, such as supporting a local business, funding a community project, or assisting someone in need. This experience will strengthen your team’s dedication to improving society.

Virtual community service days allow team members to collaborate on projects for a common goal, establishing a sense of shared responsibility and purpose outside of their professional responsibilities.

18. Virtual Yoga and Wellness Session

Set the health of your team as a top priority with a virtual yoga and wellness session. A trained instructor can virtually guide the team through stress-relieving stretches and mindfulness activities to encourage a healthier work-life balance. Virtual yoga and wellness sessions allow Team members to relax and care for their physical and mental well-being. It promotes a holistic strategy for employee engagement that considers their general well-being.

19. Virtual “Show and Tell”

Encourage team members to participate in a virtual “show and tell” session by contributing something unique or important. It may be an interest or a prized possession. It allows team members to discover an aspect of each other they probably hadn’t noticed before.

Have members select something from their home to display to everyone, such as an ancestral relic, an emotional souvenir, or a book they enjoy. Encourage everyone to contribute before opening up the room to debate. Virtual “show and tell” meetings allow employees to get insight into each other’s personal lives, developing compassion and understanding. Employees establish friendships and make genuine connections by discussing important aspects of their lives.

20. Virtual Team-Building Games

Play online cooperative, problem-solving, and communication-based team-building games. The games may include digital versions of classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Settlers of Catan for a friendly competition.

These virtual team-building activities will improve group dynamics and offer team members useful and entertaining chances to learn critical abilities they may apply in their jobs. Together, they overcome obstacles and find solutions, forging solid, cohesive teams that succeed in any workplace environment.

Boosting Team Spirit with 6Connex!

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