Blending AI and Event Creativity: A Look into 6Connex’s Design Process

6 min readOct 2, 2023


The AI Revolution in Event Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of event design, 6Connex stands at the forefront, seamlessly integrating AI, specifically Mid Journey, into our design workflow. This tool, which translates textual descriptions into lifelike images, has become an essential part of our design process.

The Mid Journey Experience

Mid Journey isn’t just a tool; it’s an experience. By combining a Mid Journey subscription with a Discord account, our designers can have real-time interactions with the AI. This conversational approach allows them to guide the AI, ensuring the generated images align perfectly with their vision.

For example, for our internal Oktoberfest-themed event, we envisioned a lively outdoor festival set against the backdrop of Germany’s traditional Bavarian architecture. Through iterative prompts and feedback, Mid Journey produced an image that perfectly captured this essence, showcasing the festive spirit and cultural richness of Bavaria.

The Art of Crafting AI Prompts

Effective communication with AI tools hinges on the art of crafting prompts. These textual cues guide the AI, influencing the final output. At 6Connex, we’ve mastered this art through experience. Initially, we leaned towards detailed, verbose prompts. For instance, when visualizing an Oktoberfest-themed event, our initial prompts were very extensive, long, and detailed descriptions of the Bavarian setting.

However, the experience taught us the value of succinctness. We found that a concise prompt, such as “Imagine a photo-realistic outdoor festival in Germany with traditional Bavarian houses and wooden tables,” often yielded more accurate and desirable results. This shift not only improved results but also sharpened our clarity on desired outcomes.

Generating Prompts: It’s in the Details

Detailed prompts often led to ambiguous AI outputs as the AI grappled with prioritizing the plethora of information. But brevity doesn’t mean vagueness. It’s a delicate balance between being concise and ensuring the AI has the necessary context. Through continuous feedback and iteration, we’ve perfected this balance, mastering the nuanced art of AI communication at 6Connex.

Merging AI Outputs with Human Creativity

While Mid Journey provides a solid foundation, the final designs are a collaborative effort between AI outputs and human creativity. Using tools like Photoshop, our designers refine and enhance the AI-generated images, rectifying any anomalies and adding personalized touches. This process ensures that the visuals are high-quality and unique to each event.

For more intricate designs, we employ 3D modeling tools like 3D Max, complemented by rendering software like V-Ray. This combination allows us to have complete control over every design element, from lighting and textures to the overall ambiance.

The Value of Originality in Design

One of the standout benefits of using AI tools like Mid Journey is the ability to produce 100% original designs. Unlike stock images, which can be generic and widely used, AI-generated visuals are custom-made, and tailored to the specific requirements of each event. This originality ensures that our designs stand out, offering a unique visual experience to attendees.

Creating Lifelike Virtual Attendees with AI

Beyond event backdrops and promotional materials, we also harness the power of AI to create virtual attendees. For specific events where a particular type of attendee is envisioned, we turn to Mid Journey. By providing detailed prompts, we can generate lifelike virtual attendees, from a woman in a motorized wheelchair wearing green to any other specific requirement you or your client may desire.

Meeting Client-Specific Needs with Precision

The sheer originality provided by AI tools is just the beginning. An added layer of precision and customization further enriches our design process, making it invaluable in crafting unique event experiences. With Mid Journey, our designers can fine-tune their creations to align perfectly with the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Whether it’s capturing the essence of a brand, resonating with a particular audience, or evoking a specific emotion, the ability to craft designs that are not just original but also deeply personalized ensures that each event we design truly reflects the vision and objectives of our clients. This level of detail and customization fosters a deeper connection with attendees, making the event more memorable, impactful, and, ultimately, successful.

From Inspiration to Final Design

Our design process often begins with an inspirational image, which serves as a blueprint for the final design. Tools like Adobe Firefly, another text-to-image generator, play a crucial role in this phase. However, while AI is a powerful asset, the true magic lies in the hands of our talented design team.

These are the humans behind the AI, bringing their expertise and creativity to the forefront. Once we have an inspirational image, our team models and renders the design, ensuring it aligns with our vision and meets the client’s expectations. Their touch ensures that every design not only leverages the capabilities of AI but also carries the unique signature of 6Connex’s human artistry.

Harnessing the Power of AI-Driven Features at 6Connex

In the realm of virtual events, 6Connex is not just about creating visually stunning designs. We’re also about fostering genuine connections and enhancing user experiences. One way we achieve this is through our AI Matchmaking feature. This tool delves deep into attendee data, ensuring that participants find the right people to connect with, thereby fostering organic and lasting relationships.

How AI Matchmaking Works at 6Connex

Our AI Matchmaking system is intuitive and data-driven. It learns from attendees’ interactions within our virtual venues, such as meeting room visits, content views, and live session engagements. Additionally, it taps into data from the registration phase, merging it with information from past events. This comprehensive approach also includes analyzing attendees’ social media, career experience, geographical locations, and their interactions on the event platform, from chats to comments.

Discover the AI Content Hub

6Connex Content Hub is a pioneering feature in the virtual event space. This innovative system utilizes AI to provide tailored content recommendations, enhancing the digital experience for participants.

The Content Hub actively gathers data from all participant interactions, offering personalized content aligned with their interests and activities. This tool is not only beneficial for attendees but also offers valuable insights for organizers and sponsors into attendee behavior, aiding in refining future strategies.

At the heart of 6Connex’s AI suite, the Content Hub emphasizes user engagement. It’s designed to foster interaction and maintain participant interest, especially during waiting times in virtual booths or sessions. Read more about our AI-driven features here.

The Future of Design at 6Connex

At 6Connex, we believe in continuous evolution. By integrating AI tools like Mid Journey into our workflow, we’ve elevated our design capabilities, offering inclusive and unparalleled webinars, and in-person, hybrid, and virtual event experiences. As we look to the future, we’re excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead, as technology and creativity converge to redefine event design. Book a demo with us now to see it for yourself.




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